View Full Version : Seperating Stuck Filters

Peter De Smidt
6-Nov-2018, 22:05
I bought some new filters. When I used them, they wouldn't come apart. (Usually I paraffin the threads, but I hadn't yet.) Why was I using two filters? Red + 6-stop neutral density. Since I don't have filter wrenches, the following method worked: I put pieces of strong double-sided tape on a counter. I pressed the ring of one of the filters onto the tape and turned the other filter. It worked great. It's not very field appropriate, though, and so I ordered some filter wrenches, which are really cheap, btw. Putting too much pressure on a couple of point on the circumference of the filter will likely bend the filter ring out of round. That would make it even harder to remove.

Jim Jones
7-Nov-2018, 06:55
The thin rubber pads sometimes used to help in removing bottle lids works much like double-sided tape. When one is above and one below the stuck filters, there are none of the pressure points that some filter wrenches apply to the filters. However, the wrenches are usually fine, and don't take up much space in a camera bag.

Keith Pitman
7-Nov-2018, 06:57
I carry a rubber jar opener in my pack. It weighs nothing and takes no space and can be used on the hood of a car or a flat rock when in the field. You are right about deforming the filter ring if it is gripped too hard. Try pinching just one edge and turning.