View Full Version : [STOLEN] Dallmeyer 6A lens, 4x5" and 8x10" Arca Swiss Cameras, Tripods

4-Nov-2018, 00:41
Dear community!

I don't know it this is right sub forums, but please be aware if some of the items show up in the market!

The following largeformat photography equipment was stolen during a burglary in a studio in Berlin at the 28th of October:
big brass lens 'Dallmeyer 6A' #19710 in a black transport case
- 8x10" view camera 'Arca Swiss Model C', black bellows, -aluminium standards
- 4x5" view camera 'Arca Swiss F-Line Compact' in a black transport case
- Gitzo GT2542L tripod
- Toyo Heavy Duty tripod
- Bowens Gemini 2x500Ws strobes in transport case


!! 250 reward for valuable information !!

If you want to share this on FB, I'd be super happy!

Thank you! Max

4-Nov-2018, 09:15
I saw this on APUG Photrio. Bad news.