View Full Version : Bellows for Kardan Colour 45S

Mike Lyons
27-Sep-2005, 06:36
HI to all. I have a Kardan Colour 45S which is in need of a new bellows. Are all the Linhof/Kardan bellows interchangeable? There is a Bellows for a "Linhof" over at the auction site, (item no. 7548712808) but the seller has not replied to my question as to if this bellows would fit my Kardan Colour. Any advice here? Over to you, Bob..........and I take it that the Teknica and Teknikardan lens boards would fit, too.
Regards- Mike

Bob Salomon
27-Sep-2005, 07:15
The 45S uses the current GT/GTL/M bellows. The standard bellows is 002714 and the wide angle bellows is 002584. These can be ordered from any Linhof dealer (we have them in stock) as well as from Marflex Service. If you are not in the USA then your local dealer or repair service can order these for you.

The bellows for the TK and any other Linhof would not fit your camera unless it is the catalog numbers above.

TK and Technika lensboards will fit when the proper adapter board is used. They will not mount directly. One adapter board is for wide angle lenses and recessed boards and the other for flat boards.

You may also want to get the old Polaroid Spacer so you can use film holders horizontally when tilting. Without it the darkslides will hit the standards. This problem was eliminated on later U shaped Kardan cameras like the JBL and later.

Lastly a Kardan Color and a Kardan Color 45S are two different cameras. If you had the kardan Color the bellows are not interchangeable, the above bellow would not fit and TK and Technika 45 lens boards would mount without an adapter board.