View Full Version : Ethol LPD developer

Shigehiro Ishii
11-Oct-1999, 11:28
I've just bought several canned of Ethol LPD paper developer in powedered form. The front label says "Makes 1 gallon", however, its directions in the back label indicates "to make 25 gallons of stock solution". The net weight is 447.6 grams . I'm confused how to make the stock solution. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Henry Friedman
12-Oct-1999, 10:51
Interestingly, my can of Ethol LPD says nothing about 25 gallons anywhere.

The instructions for use are as follows: Mix contents of can into 3 quarts of wa ter at 80 - 90 F. Add cold water to make a final volume of 1 gallon. This is t he stock solution, which can be used straight or diluted up to 1:4 with water. The more dilute solutions are said to give warmer tones.

I find that a 1:2 dilution gives a nice neutral tone to Ilford MG IV.

Good luck.

Robert A. Zeichner
18-Oct-1999, 22:25
How big is your can? Let me re-phrase that. Is the container you bought about 75mm in diameter or more like 150mm? I suspect you got the large economy size. There are little cans that make a gallon of stock and I dilute this 1:3 with excellent results.