View Full Version : Anti-halation on E100G?

Calamity Jane
26-Sep-2005, 15:17
Well, having my new darkroom, a new (to me) CPA-2 with a 3010 drum, a batch of Agfa "Process 44" that officially expired 2 weeks ago (no, the bottles WEREN'T full - I know, I know! ), and a brand new box of E100G, I could't resist doing some 8x10s today and see what the Kodak E100G looks like. I ran some Fugi Provia when the chemistry was fresh and they were ok but lacked the colour saturation that I liked in the 4x5 Kodak E100G.

The 8x10s look good on the light table but, when you hold them just right, there is a bluish haze on the back of the sheet. I presume this is the anti-halation layer, though I have never seen it before.

If it is, then I have two questions:

#1 - Would the anti-halation layer be left because of the age of the chemistry or for some other reason? (I didn't get this on the Provia when the chemistry was fresh and it was developed in the same tank.)

#2 - How can I remove the anti-halation layer "post-processing" without damaging my transparencies? (If it is possible at all.)

Thanks gang!

Larry Gebhardt
27-Sep-2005, 18:29
It might be retained silver. Try running them through the BX again and then restabilize. The Tetenal chems say this is OK to do.

Struan Gray
28-Sep-2005, 00:30
I was waiting for the chemists to chime in, but they haven't so I'll agree with Larry. It sounds like dichroic fog: blue in reflection and yellow in transmission. It's colloidal silver or a very thin silver film, and is usually a sign that your blix is bad or needs oxygenation before use (shake the bottle vigourously). So I'd second the idea to re-blix and restabilise.