View Full Version : info on Linhof Technika Press!!

26-Sep-2005, 09:45
Have question on this Linhof Technika Press camera. It comes with a Carl Zeiss Planar 100mm f/2.8. The seller claims it is a view camera. It has a super rollex 56x72 back. That sounds more like a 6x7 camera??

am i missing something? i did some research on google, nothing much turned up. What is surprising is that i see lot of Linhofs with 6x9s not 6x7s. May be this is actually a 6x9?

I am looking for a view camera, but i have heard great things about zeiss planar lens. Was wondering how this camera is as a view camera. Is it any good in terms of movements?

how heavy is this stuff? please give provide links if some webpage has already convered it. Thanks.

Bob Salomon
26-Sep-2005, 11:09
The Linhof Press was a 6x9cm camera. The Linhof Technika Press was a 45 camera made briefly for the US market with no back movements. Hence "Press"

Or is he selling a Linhof Technika that he is calling a "Press"

Get the serial number to find out exactly what he is selling and how old it is and the state of repair parts.

There was also another 69 camera called the Press 70.

Only need the body serial number not the lens serial number.

J. P. Mose
26-Sep-2005, 12:52
"The Linhof Press was a 6x9cm camera. The Linhof Technika Press was a 45 camera made briefly for the US market with no back movements. Hence "Press""

The 23 version was also called Technika Press. Look at any early literature and that is how it is referenced. In fact, the swinging viewfinder cover has "Technika Press" stamped on the front of it. This model was manufactured from 1956 - 1963. I own one in mint condition with three Zeiss lenses and have collected all the literature associated with it. It was originally introduced as a "23" camera or 6x9, as the 6x7 Ideal format was not offered until 1957. The 6x7 format quickly caught on and became the popular back to purchase with the camera.

There are rear movements (swing and tilt) as the back end has bellows that allow 2"-3" extension. However, without front movements, this camera is not really a replacement for a view camera.

The weight is 6.3 lbs with the 100mm lens. The 6x7 Super Rollex back adds futher to the weight! The dimensions with the standard ground glass back are 7 1/4" x 7 1/8" x6". Not very practical to carry around...you might as well have a 4x5 model!

The optics available for the model are: 53mm Zeiss Biogon; 95mm Rodenstock Heligon; 100mm Zeiss Planar; 180mm Zeiss Sonnar and 270mm Rodenstock Rotelar. In 1961, the Rodenstock lenses were discontinued with this press mount, while the Zeiss lenses were updated with more "user friendly" shutter controls. The majority of cameras/lenses were pre 1961. It should be noted that Schneider produced prototype lenses for this camera but were never offered until the next Press model (Linhof Press 70....no Technika in this title) was introduced in 1963.