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29-Oct-2018, 09:12
I got my hands on some 8x10" Konica Minolta X-Ray film. I was googling how to use it and develop, but can't find any directions.

My hope is that some of You have.

How should I expose the film ?

How should I develop ?

Can it be developed with Caffenol ?


29-Oct-2018, 11:29
You may wish to check out this thread:


I have only used Agfa's double-sided x-ray film. X-ray film tends to scratch easy -- perhaps someone has used your particular film. Good Luck...and just start experimenting! I found the film speed to vary greatly with the lighting conditions (very fast in open shadows, slow in the deep forest).

Jim Noel
29-Oct-2018, 12:48
YOu can look the film up on the Konica-Minolta web site. You did not say which of their films you have so I can be of little use to you.

29-Oct-2018, 13:09
Start with exposure at 50 iso, and develop to inspection. Caffenol will work but its dark color may make it a bit more difficult to develop by inspection (red light), although it'll certainly be possible. Adjust exposure and development based in your first experiment.

Alternatively, cut a few strips and develop them under regular light in different times to determine a suitable development time and rhen bracket a sheet or two at different EI's to find an appropriate speed. In other words: the same way you'd test any film for personal use.

30-Oct-2018, 05:21
It is the MG-SR PLUS film. On the Konica-Minolta site there seems to be no information on how to develop og any other specification.

30-Oct-2018, 05:38
Manufacturers of xray film never publish any useful data for the use of xray film for photographic purposes. It's just not intended for that purpose.

4-Nov-2018, 09:28
A good thing to remember with x ray film is there is emulsion on both sides. This makes the film very easy to scratch as there is not a side that is safe to handle when wet (use the edges).