View Full Version : 8 frames of extar/portra160 drying

Steven Ruttenberg
28-Oct-2018, 15:16
Digital is so Blaise these days. Two prewash cycles, then standard development for C-41 and a final wash thru photoflo. So far if about 25 plus color reversal film no weird green streaks etc.

28-Oct-2018, 22:54
Nice work! Now get yourself some ra4 developer and Blix, some trays and a color enlarger and (contact) print them! ;)

Steven Ruttenberg
29-Oct-2018, 11:42
I got an enlarger, need the contact frames, paper, developer. Just need to convince my wife to give up the walk in closet. :)

29-Oct-2018, 13:10
Tell her she can keep the closet if she sleeps in it. That'll surely stir things up ;)

Steven Ruttenberg
29-Oct-2018, 20:39
Lol, she was in the Army, I am just Marine.