View Full Version : Copying transparencies onto colour negative film.

Charles Forde
26-Sep-2005, 08:52
Hi, I wish to make copies of some Provia 100F 4x5 transparencies onto 35mm colour negative film. I own a slide duping machine, a Bowens Illumtran 3S with a dedicated 4x5 light box.

Does any one have any experience with these or similiar devices?

What film would you recomend I should try?

Should I use filters?

steve simmons
26-Sep-2005, 09:35
Why do you want to do this and what is the end product to be?

steve simmons

ronald moravec
26-Sep-2005, 10:36
There used to be an internegative film for this purpose. With digital, there really is no reason for it to exist now. I was a special lab film about 5 or 10 asa. The color balance needed to be established for each batch and it was not an easy process without a color densitometer.

You might try a portrait color neg film and flash it 2-6 % if the contrast is too high. The flash must be the same color temp as the exposure which must match the light designed for the film, ie 5600 deg for daylight film and 3200 for tungsten balance color neg.

Charles Forde
26-Sep-2005, 11:07
Why do you want to do this and what is the end product to be?

<ol>I have a client who wishes to have prints made of the work that I have done for him, he wants them as a visual reference as he is writing a book. I donít wish to be scanning as I have far too many to do.</ol>

Charles Forde

ronald moravec
26-Sep-2005, 11:32
Having done both, I advise scaning and sending the digital file to a lab equipped to do printing from the file.

Getting a print to match a transparency they can not see may be difficult.

Interneg film is no picnic either.

Furthermore no print will ever match a tranparency in brilliance.

26-Sep-2005, 13:10
I agree with Ronald ... scanning is going to be much faster, easier, cheaper, and better than making internegs. This will be true if you're the one doing it or if you send them to someone else.