View Full Version : And now for some levity

Doug Dolde
25-Sep-2005, 21:16
What are they thinking?

Link (http://tinyurl.com/eytse)

Eric Rose
25-Sep-2005, 21:45
gee would have been worth it if they thru in the camera LOL.

Craig Wactor
25-Sep-2005, 22:37
Finally! A shutter that apo-germinar 1000mm will fit into...

Jeff Genung
25-Sep-2005, 23:30
You see all the rust on the back of that thing---can't tell me it's going to time right...

John Berry ( Roadkill )
26-Sep-2005, 01:33
Looks like a prop for a trade show. All I know is my two sons would figure out how to put some big mud tires on it.

Steven Barall
26-Sep-2005, 09:48
That shutter pictured is a display piece made to be used at trade shows or by salesmen. It's not meant to fit any particular lens. There happens to be a big market for those things. I know because I watch the Antiques Roadshow and that makes me an expert afterall. I think it's a nice object. Not ten grand nice, but nice.

Joseph O'Neil
26-Sep-2005, 10:15
This is probally the reason the French guillotine became obsolete - the Gauthier shutter replaced it.