View Full Version : 12" Dagor; barrel to shutter?

Mark Sawyer
25-Sep-2005, 15:50
Does anyone know whether a 12" American Optical Co. Dagor in a barrel could be easily removed from its current barrel mount and screwed into an Ilex #4 currently set up for an older Dagor 12" Series 3 No. 6? Both are f/6.8. Thanks!

Steve Hamley
26-Sep-2005, 05:50

No one else has posted so I'll give you some info that may or may not be useful.

The American Optical Dagor cells should just unscrew from the barrel if it's a typical lens.

I have a 8-1/4" Series III f/6.8 that came in a very nice Volute, but had a bit of haze in the front cell. Also had a Kenro 216mm which is actually a late Goerz Dagor, serial 83+. The Kenro cells would fit into the Volute fine, but the Dagor cells won't go into the Kenro's barrel; the thread pitch is apparently different.

The Kenro is spaced 0.023" shorter IIRC, so I'd check cell spacing for sure. The Dagor may be usable spaced differently; the Kenro is a process lens and sometimes process lenses come with spacers to adjust the spacing for infinity use vs copy use.


Mark Sawyer
26-Sep-2005, 20:28
Thanks for the info, Steve! It sounds as if a barrel Dagor might be a simple conversion to a shutter. I may have to buy one (or some other lens) to find out. It's just bugging me having this nice #4 shutter sitting around without a lens...