View Full Version : Nikon 120mm f8 on a 8x100 zone iv

Rich G.
19-Oct-2018, 13:52
Will this Nikon 120mm f8 work on a 8x10 zone vi.

19-Oct-2018, 15:02
I don't have much experience with Nikon lenses, other than their M series, but assuming this is an SW it will just cover at f/22. Stopping down further will give you a bit of camera movement room, but probably only a bit.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
19-Oct-2018, 15:41
It covers 8x10 on infinity focus with very little shift when stopped down. But for interiors the focus is closer and more shift is possible. I have used the 115 Rodenstock Grandagon for interiors stopped down to f 32 with great resuts but considerable vignetting.

Paul Cunningham
19-Oct-2018, 19:02
And to clarify a bit, it would be in the corners where you will first see any vignetting.

Mark Sampson
19-Oct-2018, 22:27
Of course the camera's bellows must be able to compress enough that the lens will focus to infinity. I don't know that camera's specs so I can't say.
But if no Z-VI users speak up about this, you should ask Richard Ritter at www.lg4mat.net.