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Joseph O'Neil
24-Sep-2005, 11:50
My Fujinon 105mm arrivedin the mail today - yeah! (actually, I had to pick it up at the post office - same difference I suppose).

Never used a Fujinon lens before. I wasn't afriad to try Fujinon - I used to be a Fujinon binocular dealer here in canada (u8ntilt he Cdn distributor suddendly disappeared one day leaving no trace of theri wehreabouts. *sigh*).

Anyhow, i have the lens mounted on my Super Speed Graphic, played with it a bit, and three thoughts come to mind

1) For a suppsoedly used lens, this thing looks brand new. heck, it smells brand new, all the original packaging and boxes intact. As a result, I'd buy anything used again on a heartbeat form the people at Badger graphics;

2) Although I ahven't shot anything yet (maybe tonight :), I'd buy another fujinon lens in a heartbeat;

3) Looks like this lens will be a perfect replacement for my 90mm Angulon. Don't get me wrong - I love my 90mm Angulon. It's a Linhof one, and i had the shutter all cleaned and calibrated about three years ago, so no complaints there, but on my back packing Graphics, I find the Angulon plane of focus is really tight to the body, making movements difficult at best. The Fujinon is a better bet already, and still light enough to carry around.

I also love the fact it take 67mm filters, as I have a small fortune tied up in that size already for two other lenses.

Not sure what I'll do with my Angulon at this moment. I do have another 90mm I am very happy with, an older Komura. Huge image circle, I swear the thing could cover 8x10 head on if you didn't want any movements.

However, there is big, used camera swap meet in Toronto next Sunday, I'd like to go and maybe somebody will have an extra used Graphic lens board for sale. Maybe not. If you want the link to the show, here it is. No affiliation myself, I just like to go to it.

It's amazing how much of a "wasteland" it can be here in Canada for good, used LF gear. There's two shops in Toronto I use by mail order - Harrys Pro Shop and Eight Elm Camera, and I would reccomend either one to anybody. But I was down in Toronto just a few weeks ago, and if you put all the used LF lenses at Harrys, 8 Elm, and all the other major downtown camera stores off or near Queen Street, in physical numbers and overall choice, Bager alone has a greater selection by itself than all Toronto.

(Well, at least they did until they changed thier web site and all the used stuff disappeared. :)

Well I suppose I am to ask a question here, but I haven't got one, just kinda bubbly happy about my new, used, lens (or is that my used, new lens? :) and nobody around here to share it with.

I'll let you all know in the futre how it works out with HP5+


24-Sep-2005, 13:29
Hi Joseph,

You won't regret buying that Fujinon lens... they're great lenses! I have, and use, a couple of them (the 90 and 300.)

I have to agree with you about the lack of LF gear up here in Canada...a wasteland is an appropriate term!

Have you ever looked at the View Camera store in Calgary? From time to time.... they have some good stuff come in on trade or consignment.


25-Sep-2005, 10:27
You mean "The Camera Store", right?

25-Sep-2005, 15:05
Hi Ken,

Yes... :)


26-Sep-2005, 06:00
How well does your 105 cover 4x5? I thought that it was more of a lens for 6x9.

Joseph O'Neil
26-Sep-2005, 09:11
Hi Chuck;

Yes, most 105's I have seen will not cover 4x5, however, the Fujinon does, one reason I bought it.

Weather has been crappy since my lens arrived (remnants of Rita the news says) so I haven't been able to really test it as much as I want, but coverage is certianly at least equivalent to my old 90mm Angulon, and maybe a bit more, so on my Super Speed Graphic, it has more than enough coverage for the movements i use on that camera.