View Full Version : Where to purchase Shen-Hao TFC45 in America

John C Murphy
24-Sep-2005, 10:15
Does anybody know who sells the Shen-Hao TFC45 (the Ebony SW45 knock-off) in the United States?

Walter Foscari
24-Sep-2005, 13:21
Last I heard (from Jim @ mpex) this model was discontinued and no longer manufactured. Perhaps somebody heard otherwise?

W. F.

Craig Wactor
24-Sep-2005, 13:31
Here is the reply I got in June from the manufacturer:

Dear Sir:
The TFC45 camera is not stock.
What time have now we are no confirm,So very sorry!
Maybe after three month.
Zhang fuming

his email address is zhangfmli@vip.sina.com
beware, his english is not great, and you may have to wait a week to hear.

Badger, Mpex, or Fred Newman at www.viewcamerastore.com may be able to help you also, since they all import the other model shen hao.

there is also a shenhao user group forum that may help: http://www.phpbbforfree.com/forums/?mforum=shug