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24-Sep-2005, 08:23
Hello again.

Can anyone tell me if the Fujinon 300mm 5.6 has ample coverage for 8x10? I am unable to get much information
from the few dealers I have contacted, unfortunately. Thanks again.

24-Sep-2005, 08:33
Oops...sorry...just found the answer to the original question.

Has anyone used it? Good? Bad? Please share impressions.


Ted Harris
24-Sep-2005, 10:01
Percy, as has been discussed in other threacds here, the Fujinon,, like the other plasmat design 300mm lenses from the other members of the 'big4' is a large, heavy lens. It performance is superb and coverage is vast but you don't want to even think about lugging it around in the field and it will definitely strain the front standard of some field cameras. If you are planning on using it with a sturdy monorail and not trying to carry it for any distance then no problem otherwise you are better off looking for one of the lighter weight 300mm lenses such as the Fuji A or Schneider G Claron. The Fuji A 300mm is one of my most used lenses in 4x5 through 8x10. Good coverage, superbly sharp and lightweight mounted in a #1 shutter.

24-Sep-2005, 21:10
My research into the lens indiacted that the image circle is offically 442mm, though I would suggest it is larger, stopped down to f/32 or f/45. I used this lens for three years on a Zone VI woodfield, and it never caused a stability problem, but Ted is definately right it is heavy at 2.5 lbs. As for image quality - stunning - I;m not sure how old my lens was, but it was fabulously sharp - I'd definatel y recommend it as a normal lens for an 8x10.

28-Sep-2005, 03:27
Thank you, gentlemen.

3-Oct-2005, 16:00

Got the 300. SHARP. Always did like Fuji glass (rangefinders).
And to think...I hesitated.