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12-Oct-2018, 05:15
I have a Copal 3 Shutter which has 58mm Threads - the same as 58mm filters. I'm toying with the idea of using a Lee Filters 58mm Filter Adapter to connect this shutter to a lens board and then using an empty filter and a Filter Adapter to fit to the front so that I can mount a Lee Filter holder on it and use this as the basis for utilising a number of small lenses. My idea is to mount the lenses on boards which will then slip into the Filter Holder. It seems to me could be a versatile way of using several smaller lenses without shutters. Has anyone tried this? If so does it work ok or are there any drawbacks to be aware of?

12-Oct-2018, 07:26
The main problem I see is getting a light tight seal between the shutter and lenses. That and probably keeping the lenses aligned with the shutter. The Lee filter holders weren't made to hold much weight, and depending the mass of the lens, they may or may not stay put. But if the lens isn't too heavy, you might be able to make a neoprene sock or something else to fashion something to block and stray light that might enter through the rear of the lens. You might also consider installing some kind of catch along the bottom to make sure the lens boards don't slip through.

I bet it can be done, but will probably require some troubleshooting along the way. Also, you'll probably need a way to keep the shutter clean when not in use. You don't want dust and stuff getting on the shutter blades and iris.

12-Oct-2018, 08:56
Useful - thanks. Currently 2 x 58mm filters seal the shutter well enough. Light-tightnessshouldn't be too much of a problem as black felt or similar may be sufficient. Given that, at worst, I will have a useful Lee filter holder, I think I might try it and see how it all goes.

12-Oct-2018, 23:10
The main problem is the lenses "should" go in back, or both back and front. I have a Casket set with lenses from 25 to 75cm focal length. Via two adapter rings, 43-38 I can use the lenses one or two at the time on a Compur shutter made for 150mm F4.5 Carl Zeiss Jena-lens. Two of similar focal length give sharper image than one. I have tested this on a Ilex #5 with adapter rings from www.Skgrimes.com Take a look at my findings on flickr.com search for bokeh 360mm Nikkor-W and you can scroll through common plasmats and close-up lenses focused 10% off

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