View Full Version : Lighting Equipment Question

Michael Kadillak
10-Dec-1999, 20:28
I recently acquired a complete Sinar Broncolor S200 photographic strobe studio t o use with my large format equipment. One of my strobes has a dead flash attachm ent. I about fell off of my chair when Sinar told me that a replacement is $500.

Is there a source for used equipment where I might be able to find a workable re placement at a more reasonable cost ?

I remember a lighting forum that I bookmarked a few years ago that I lost when t he computer flickered and I cannot seem to find it. Anybody out there know where it is ? Any assistance would be appreciated. I have been watching all of the re sources I can get my hands on and have not had any success. Many thanks.

Ellis Vener
11-Dec-1999, 04:32
Try http://www.photonews.com/ for news and reviews. You want the protech forum.