View Full Version : Lenses for Ilex #4 Universal

Mark Sawyer
23-Sep-2005, 22:05
I have a clean, smoothly firing Acme No. 4 Universal shutter which currently holds a very, very scratched up 12" f/6.3 Dagor. The aperture scale runs from F/6.3 to f/64.

Does anyone know of any barrel lenses I might watch for at the auction site that would easily disassemble and screw into this shutter without macine work/modification? Thanks muchly!

Jeff Genung
24-Sep-2005, 00:14
This is prob not the most beautiful lens in the world, but there is an e-bay for a 10 inch kodak in an Ilex #4---Ebay # 7548097488

Dan Fromm
24-Sep-2005, 07:01
SKGrimes says that Ilexes made for Kodak aren't quite the same as standard Ilexes.