View Full Version : ULF Any color film ? (also scanning question)

gabriele turchi
6-Oct-2018, 14:57
Hi there
i was wondering if is possible to custom order to Kodak 11x14 any Color film, like Ektar perhaps ( or from any other manufacture (not sure who would the be for color though..))

i am also wondering , scanning wise , shout would people use to scan ULF , flatbed such as epson XL or drums ?

i know that ULF is meant o be used for contact printing (alternative methods etc..)etc.., but i am now wondering about Color and scanning.


Oren Grad
6-Oct-2018, 15:23
Kodak no longer shows color film on its special order sheet film list for 2018. On the other hand, B&H is still showing an option to special order 11x14 Portra 160 - I don't know whether they've just failed to update to reflect Kodak's new list or whether that's still actually possible. But the price is staggering: $314.95 per box of ten sheets, and a minimum order of 40 boxes, which comes to $12,598.

Fuji still offers a very limited selection of color transparency sheet films, but by all accounts they no longer accept orders for sizes other than 4x5 and 8x10.

Pali K
7-Oct-2018, 06:31
Keith has a list of a few of us who are on a wait list for 11x14 color film which most likely will be Portra 400. We were very close to it last year but I guess someone backed out last minute. Keep in mind custom orders are usually for 50 sheets per box.

Please contact Keith here to get on the list:



gabriele turchi
8-Oct-2018, 06:52
ok thanks you

8-Oct-2018, 11:12
I've been looking at the same topic of color 11x14 for some time. It appears that the Epson 12000XL scanner is the only flatbed (that I am aware of) that can be purchased new that has a large enough backlit scanning area to scan 11x14 in a single scan without stitching.

8-Oct-2018, 13:35
ok thanks you

I am also in the list. If you want color ULF to happen then please buy in.