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Robbie Bedell
6-Oct-2018, 13:44
OK, perhaps a stupid question. I have a 105mm 3.7 Ektar that was originally in a #2 Flash Supermatic Shutter. The Flash Supermatic imploded so I have had the lens moved into a #2 Supermatic Graphic Shutter (changed faceplate). Does anyone know if lenses can be moved from one shutter to the other without problems? Are the flange distances the same? This is for one of my Century Graphics. It LOOKS great on the ground glass. I would guess that both shutters being from Kodak, from the same era, that lenses would be interchangeable. I just would like to know from the shutter experts out there. Thank you!! Robbie

Mark Sampson
6-Oct-2018, 13:56
It's been a while since I had those two shutters next to each other to compare them. But I think that the Flash Supermatic came later, post-WWII, and had X-synch built in as well as M and FP (for bulbs) settings. I've seen earlier Supermatics that had varying time delays (rather than just M, FP) marked for the various bulb types, and no X-synch. There might be some models early enough to have no flash synch at all, instead relying on the flashbulb unit's solenoid for triggering.
But I don't imagine that EK would have done a complete shutter redesign between each different flash variations. So I'll guess that your lens cells are interchangeable. But who really knows? A quick film test will provide your answer.

6-Oct-2018, 14:00
Probably ok, but borrow a measuring caliper to measure the front to back distances on both shutters with and without lens cell on... They should be the same...

Make sure the f stop scales match...

Happy shooting!!!

Steve K

Robbie Bedell
6-Oct-2018, 14:03
Thank you Mark. Yes, a film test will happen this week. Fortunately I have test negatives shot with the earlier shutter for a comparison. I have not shot any other film as this whole lens setup is 'new' for this camera.

Robbie Bedell
6-Oct-2018, 14:05
Thank you Steve! Yes, the faceplate was changed so f-stops are OK. I no longer have the first shutter for comparison.

7-Oct-2018, 12:13
Thank you Steve! Yes, the faceplate was changed so f-stops are OK. I no longer have the first shutter for comparison.

On my Flash Supermatic #2, fitted with a 135-mm f6.3 Kodak Wide Field Ektar, the distance between the two lens elements is 23 mm. That is, the shutter body thickness that the lens halves screw into is 23 mm.

7-Oct-2018, 12:32
OK, perhaps a stupid question. [...]

Ask away! I learn so much from our members' stupid questions.

Robbie Bedell
7-Oct-2018, 13:26
Thank you! Thank you all! Here's what I have done. I happen to have two 203 7.7 Ektars. one is a regular Supermatic and one in the Flash Supermatic both #2. The cells in both lenses are equal, one lens from 1947 and one 1953. The cells on each lens are both 29mm apart. So I can now assume that cells for lenses on these shutters are interchangeable. Interestingly the threads on the Shutter holding my 105mm Ektar are different than the 207 lenses, even thought they are all #2 shutters. There seems to be a bushing in there that can be changed for whichever lens is to go in it.