View Full Version : 75mm on Toyo 45CF for 6x12 format

Shayok Mukhopadhyay
22-Sep-2005, 21:08
I'm currently shooting 6x6; the panoramics that I crop out of it are simply not big enough, so I'm considering a field camera with a Horseman 612 back. After going through the Toyo/Toho/Tachi/Shen posts, I'm thinking I'll go with the Toyo 45CF because it's available locally (NYC) and is the lightest. I've read that 75mm lenses are usable with a recessed board but requires one to drop the bed which otherwise gets into the frame. My question is: would it get into a 6x12 frame?

This will be a second system I'll be carrying in addition to my Bronica SQ, so I'm not really into LF commitment. This camera will be in the backpack; the Bronica will hang around the neck. I love square images. I'm just looking for a bigger format to give the equivalent panoramic views of the 40mm and 80mm on the Bronica. In fact a 6x9 would do too, but the Fuji 65 is just a little too long and 90 is entirely too short. The Horseman wide angle 69 and 612 are too expensive and dont go long enough. The Fotoman 612 seems to offer some compactness and convenience but is overall too little bang for the buck. Am I missing any alternatives?

Jean-Marie Solichon
23-Sep-2005, 00:54
I used this kit (Toyo 45CF + 75mm + Horseman 612) in the past and although I did not had the problem you mention I believe that there are some risk to encounter it if extreme front fall is applied.
Another concern is that 75mm is the very shortest lens you can use with the 45Cf: the front standard will reach the very last mm of the focusing rail, it will even actually stands partially outside the rail. Not very comfortable if this is your first view camera!
View cameras designed for wide lenses (like the Ebony or the Walker...) will do this job much better! Even a Shen-Hao with bag bellows and its back standard moving forward will do it better.

Shayok Mukhopadhyay
23-Sep-2005, 05:28
JMS, when you say the front standard will reach the very end of the focusing rail, you mean even at infinity focus? or only at closer focus? Were you using a recessed board? Thanks.

Shayok Mukhopadhyay
23-Sep-2005, 06:00
Another question: were you shooting transparency/slide film with this setup? If so, did you need a Center Filter? If not, what lens was this?

Jean-Marie Solichon
23-Sep-2005, 06:02
Yes; it will reach the end of the focusing rail at infinity focus: the end towards the back of the camera!
And, I was using a recessed board.

Jean-Marie Solichon
23-Sep-2005, 06:12
I was using colour slides and a Schneider SA 75/5,6. No center filter (neither in 4x5").
You can see some pictures there: www.jmsolichon.com/frpanoramiques.html (http://www.jmsolichon.com/frpanoramiques.html)

Rich Morgan
23-Sep-2005, 10:15
I often use a 58 xl on my CF.

Kerry L. Thalmann
23-Sep-2005, 12:22

Have you considered a Crown Craphic? They are cheap and strudy. While some may find them limiting for general purpose 4x5 use, I think they make a geat, inexpensive body for use with a 6x12 roll film back. Lensboards are cheap and easy to get. I use a Crown with an inexpensive Chinese 6x12 back. The one I have (bought on eBay) had the rangefinder and associated hardware stripped off by a previous owner and the body re-covered with a walnut veneer. It looks pretty nice and weighs about 4 lb. It handles a 75mm with no problem on a flat board (although you won't get a lot of movements). I use mine with a 75mm f6.8 Grandagon-N, a 120mm APO Symmar and a 200mm Nikkor M. Dropping the bed is necessary with the 75mm on 4x5, but shouldn't be necessary with a 6x12 roll film back. If you want to go even shorter, it's easy to drop the bed. The focus rails are hinged, with a short section that extends into the camera body. This makes it easy to focus short lenses without any additional accessories, or even a recessed board required. I've gone as short as 55mm, but I think you can focus a 47mm Super Angulon XL on a Crown. The Crown combined with two or three smal lenses makes a very nice, compact lightweight 6x12 outfit that is fast to set-up and easy to use.


Eric Rose
23-Sep-2005, 15:14
I have used a 65mm SA with a 6x12 back and it was just fine. This was on a Wista.

Eduardo Aigner
24-Sep-2005, 18:47
My SA 75mm on the recessed Toyo board is a nice companion to the CF.

Shayok Mukhopadhyay
24-Sep-2005, 19:15
Eduardo, are you saying you didnt face the inconveniences that JMS (see Jean-Marie's post above) seems to have had?