View Full Version : Using a fresnel lens and ground glass?

4-Oct-2018, 19:35
I am attempting to buy a fresnel lens that is more than 10x10 inches to use in front of a custom 12x12" Lexan 'ground glass"

I recently acquired a 12x12 fresnel lens from an overhead projector and could experiment with it alone to test out lens focus. But, the viewing was distorted and difficult to fully use.

Do Fresnel lenses made for LF camera magnify? If so, do the distortions . . Idk the right word, "resolve' on the ground glass?

But, I'm quite ignorant on fresnel lenses and i'm not sure if there are some that just focus light or some that focus light and magnify and image.

From some research it seems that there are different types of fresnels and some made to JUST gather light.

Does anyone know where to get one cheaply? I read some salvage them from old TVs?