View Full Version : Filter system for LF.

30-Sep-2018, 00:13
Hello all :) ,

It seems i need to get some filters.
I currently have a 210 symmar s ( 77mm thread ), and plan on getting a 150mm and a 90mm ( both schneider ).

Planning to get a cokin system and i was wondering if i should get the Z-Pro system ( 100mm filters ) or can i go as low as the P series ( 82mm filters ).
I can also get some round 77mm tiffen filters for the same price as a P system. Keep in mind that Z-Pro is 2x the price of a P system.
I plan on using a maximum of 2 fiters at once ( color + polarization ).

The ideea is not to get vignetting. The 150mm and 90mm are a lot smaller, but with a greater FOV, i can use the round fiters with adapters.

Should i get the P or Z-pro systems, or would it be better to go with 77mm Tiffen round filters ?


30-Sep-2018, 04:03
I’ve rigged a P system to take Conkin and old Kodak glass gel filters. I mount it inside the bellows to avoid vignetting and flare. I bought a batch of filter rings and picked the closest ones to fit the rear elements.