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28-Sep-2018, 04:48
I tried to develop my first 8x10 film and it didn't go as planned. I blackened my bathroom to a nearly totally black room and used a paper safe to develop but not knowing the paper safe didn't have a light leak but a fluid leak so all the developer drained out long before time was up. I scrambled and made another batch and transferred to a tray and estimated the remaining time needed. I think I already know the answer to this but is there any reason why the Beseler wouldn't work?

Rick A
28-Sep-2018, 05:18
No reason what so ever. I use a Unicolor auto-reversing base and 8x10 drums. This is the most economical method I've found for processing LF sheets, I use 200ml per 8x10 or 2x5x7's.

David Lobato
1-Oct-2018, 11:54
I develop two 8x10 sheets with Unicolor 11x14 drums. And on Unicolor roller bases, one is reversing, one is not. With the non-reversing base (which is cheaper and easier to find) I pick up the drum and switch ends and set it down, takes less than 2 seconds. Easier than it sounds, and the non-reversing motor doesn't trip the GFCI on the wall outlet.

Bob Salomon
1-Oct-2018, 21:15
There was originally a Canadian company that made roller bases and tanks that he produced for several companies. With small detail changes they were marketed, at the same time, by Simmard, Unicolor, eseler and Omega.

A competitor eliminated the drum and developed the Agnekolor Laminar Flo processor in sizes up to 16x20”. It used a very small amount of chemistry that continually cascaded down over the fil and then was pumped back up to do it again. The 16x20 was tempered.It was backed by Bobby Olden and originally marketed by EPOO. Then Needleman did it on his own.

Worked great BUT if you were doing Ciba you had best have a extremely efficient exhaust system or be wearing a gas mask when you opened the cover after the last step. A very noxious green gas would overcome you otherwise! It might be the syrian’s gas factory!

8-Oct-2018, 05:03
I received by rotary base and 8x10 drum but not sure how much developer should be used for 8x10 film.

8-Oct-2018, 06:09
I received by rotary base and 8x10 drum but not sure how much developer should be used for 8x10 film.

Read #2 post!

8-Oct-2018, 08:53
Quick question. Will a Beseler 8x10 drum work on a twin set of Jobo rollers for hand rolling?