View Full Version : NO Hiking permits for Zion Narrows due to NO TRESPASSING on private land

26-Sep-2018, 08:14

If you are planning on photography or hiking in The Narrows section of Zion National Park in Utah your plans may need to be changed.

For now no wilderness hiking permits are being issued. Reason is private property is now posted NO TRESPASSING and the Park Service is honoring the posting.

Contact the Park Service for more information. Some hiking is still OK but the through route is not.

Keith Pitman
26-Sep-2018, 19:32
This is only from the top down.

26-Sep-2018, 21:10
Sounds like Angles Landing is open again.

27-Sep-2018, 08:45

It looks as if the news may be positive.

The property owners are willing to sell and/or work out easements for financial consideration but contend the Federal Government is low balling them on the dollars.

Maybe a private Conservation or Hiking group or Friends of the Park will get involved and all will work out?

27-Sep-2018, 10:16
If for sale, I wonder how much they want for it? Maybe I could sell my farm in Missouri and buy it?

Kent in SD

29-Sep-2018, 06:04

Hiking permits being issued again, on a Temporary basis. Hoping this gets worked out.

Seems raising the dollars privately to purchase a permanent easement would make sense.

Drew Wiley
8-Oct-2018, 09:44
Sounds like a slippery trick to sell some land. Seen that kind of stunt before. But given the current political climate in that part of the country, the Park wisely seems to be negotiating a soft landing.