View Full Version : fomapan 200 vs HP5+

21-Sep-2005, 14:27
I shoot all 810 with HP5+ and process Rollo Pyro for pt/pd printing. Have any other pt/pd printers been down the foma road? I can't keep up with what factory is making what and who's label is on it, but is it something like the Bergger film?

Jay DeFehr
21-Sep-2005, 15:25

Foma 200 is nothing like the Bergger film. Foma 200 is a designer-grain film like Tmax, Delta, or Acros. It is an excellent film, and responds well to staining developers. Unlike the Bergger film, it is a true 200 speed film, with excellent expansion/contraction potential. I find it more similar to TMY than any other film. I like HP5+ very much, as well.