View Full Version : Voigtlaender tele dynar for 9x12, any good?

25-Sep-2018, 11:51
Hello, the title says all. I know that it is related to heliar, and I plan to use it on a Bergheil. But I was unableto find any user impressions. I am very happy with heliars, can I expect more of the same? Thanks for help

As an alternative, does a tele xenar fit on a bergheil?

Daniel Unkefer
25-Sep-2018, 13:01
I think it is Voigtlanders equivilent to the Tele-Xenar, so it should be quite good. Less bellows draw too, due to telephoto optical design.

26-Sep-2018, 03:53
Thanks, Daniel. I was looking for opinions of someone who actually used it (preferably on a Bergheil)

Emil Schildt
26-Sep-2018, 03:57
it is the other way around... most Heliar's are actually Dynar design.. :)

It is a very nice lens - used it a few times on my Bergheil

and it is uncommon, so go get it...

26-Sep-2018, 05:04
Thanks, Emil, exactly what I needed. I knew the Heliar/Dynar story. I was just put off by the Tele, which I believe changes the original design significantly. And since teles suffer from such a bad press...
Hope to be lucky ;-)