View Full Version : Found an LF lens, anyone know anything about it?

24-Sep-2018, 10:49
Recently moved into a new house, in one of the cupboards we found a Carl Meyer 12in f/2.5 Speed Anastigmatic lens for an 8x10 camera. I have looked online but cant seem to find anything on it.

Picture of lens: https://i.imgur.com/yCU7xzZ.jpg

Dan Fromm
24-Sep-2018, 11:22
Carl Myer was a Burke & James house brand. They bought scrap and surplus lenses, rebadged them and sold them. Some are poor, others are quite good.

Your find might be a 12"/2.5 AeroEktar. Might. What's the serial number?

24-Sep-2018, 12:57
yes, likely an aero ektar. Cool, but hard to use in a practical sense. Nice banana for scale too. (heh. reddit....)

24-Sep-2018, 13:17
As others have stated, an Aero-Ektar. Slightly radio-active, will fog film in close proximity.

Carl Meyer would re-badge these but add an iris to make these lenses somewhat more user friendly for photography for large format photography,



24-Sep-2018, 19:26
"somewhat"... I guess. It's still a giant 12lb lens or whatever... with no shutter. ;-)