View Full Version : Azo paper for contact printing

Todd Frederick
9-Oct-1999, 00:12
Where can I buy 4x5 Azo paper? I can't find it advertised, even in shutterbug.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
9-Oct-1999, 01:39
www.calumetphoto.com www.abbeycamera.com Mid City Camera in Philadelphia, call 'em up and ask for Lloyd. No kidding, they ship it world wide!

Also, at one point Sammy's Camera was advertising that they had it. You might call B&H and Adorama and see if they have it even though they don't advertise it, and whether or not they have it in stock.

Stewart & Gayle Trail, in Philly? used to sell all manner of short- dated film and paper. Azo is famous for having a spectaculaly long shelf life even if un-refrigerated.

Again, try looking at www.michaelandpaula.com

pat j. krentz
9-Oct-1999, 03:28
Buy the 8x10 and cut to size. Pat