View Full Version : Graphex stuck shutter question

Bill Kumpf
18-Sep-2018, 06:46
Recently I acquired a Graphex Optar lens in shutter. The shutter will not engage.

What is the travel of the cocking lever to set the shutter? There is a plate that restricts the travel that appears to be adjustable? Is it?
Before I start disassembling the shutter, I thought I would ask for suggestions.


18-Sep-2018, 15:03
That plate is supposed to slide freely with the cocking arm of the shutter. It's not adjustable, but should move pretty much the whole distance of the slot in the plate as the cocking lever moves. It's probably something inside that's jammed.

Bill Kumpf
19-Sep-2018, 06:26
Not good. I need to look for a replacement or have this one fix.

Thanks for the answer.

19-Sep-2018, 10:38
If you're handy and comfortable opening it up, it might be an easy fix. If more involved, the Graphex service manual is available online and I've used it to completely rebuild a Graphex #3 shutter.


Bill Kumpf
19-Sep-2018, 13:24
Thanks, I may give it a try.

19-Sep-2018, 20:21
Does that lens have the rear element? If it doesn’t, it may not be worth messing with, unless you want to learn about shutter repair. In which case, it would be the perfect candidate! If you do, I recommend taking lots of photos with a digital camera, and some kind of organizer to keep the screws and parts in order as you tear it down. That helps when you go to put it all back together.

Bill Kumpf
20-Sep-2018, 08:46
Photos are a good idea.

It has both front and rear elements and mounted on a graphic board. Both look good. The camera has been stored too long.

It is from a Speed Graphic FP that I may sell but I want the shutter working first.

20-Sep-2018, 10:28
I'll second jim10219's suggestion about photos and an organizer. The photos are especially useful when putting springs back in as sometimes the illustrations in the repair manual aren't all that clear. As far as a parts organizer, I use something like a bead organizer box that has maybe 18 or so compartments. When I take a piece off, that piece and any springs and screws go in one compartment, the next piece goes in the next, etc. Assembly is in reverse order. It works well for me.

Dan Fromm
20-Sep-2018, 11:25
Bill, I have a Graphex that sticks. Fiddling with the press focus lever (that's the lever between the cocking lever and the bipost) helps it. Cock the shutter, try to push the press focus lever towards the bipost. If it moves, the shutter will open. Pressing the release lever will close it.

The shutter should respond to a CLA. Charles Monday, who posts here, on photrio.com and and graflex.org as shutterfinger, works on them. I think Paul Ebel does to.