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J. P. Mose
20-Sep-2005, 13:18
I just purchased a Super Technika V (5x7) set from Europe. I haven't received it yet but have been researching my stacks of Linhof data and still come up with a few questions:

1) This camera has a leather strap in lieu of the Anatomical Grip. Upon review of my Linhof catalogs, the grip for the 5x7 appears to be indentical to the 4x5 Technika model. The model number is different however. Is this due to a longer cable release only or is the mounting hardware different?

2) I also have a 4x5 Super Technika V with several cammed lenses. Can I interchange cams between the 5x7 and 4x5 models (the rangefinders appear to be the same size)?

3) Optical viewfinders appear to be the same for different size cameras, but of course have different scales on the back (or side). Did Linhof ever make slip-on scales so a 4x5 viewfinder could be used on a 5x7 camera (or vice versa)?

Thanks for your time!

Paul Schilliger
20-Sep-2005, 14:00
Can't say for the rest, but the view finders are slightly different, although mine are probably for the IV. They have the same body but the outer diameter of the mask and lens is slightly larger on the 5x7 model, so masks cannot be exchanged between models. The scale is printed on a sticker, engraved on older models. I don't think there would be a way to exchange it, but you could probably make your own and stick it on top or on the other side. The ratio of 4x5 and 5x7 are not the same, you would have to mask or file the original 4x5 mask.

Bob Salomon
20-Sep-2005, 16:58
All of the grips are the same. The mounting flages are different as are the cable releases.
No the cams are for the specific format size.
No the 57 finder has a different range of lenses so its masks were unique to the 57 as the masks for the 45 were unique to the 45 and the same for the 23. However, the finder itself was made from the same assembly so all masks can be mounted on all versions of the current finder. But you would have to experiment to find a 23 or 45 mask that would accurately indicate the format you are using on 57.

J. P. Mose
20-Sep-2005, 17:16

Do you have any new-old-stock 57 mounting flanges at HP Marketing? Thanks.


Paul Schilliger
21-Sep-2005, 00:51
I would exchange a mounting flange for a leather strap. I have no grip however.

Bob Salomon
21-Sep-2005, 09:54
We have no parts. That would be Marflex. We do stock the caable release for the current grips. These would fit older grips if you slightly enlarge the hole in the older grips. We also stock the right grip which is the same as the 45 one.

J. P. Mose
21-Sep-2005, 14:07
I talked to Marflex and it looks like I can get the mounting flange no problem. The owner of the camera contacted me today with good news....the original optical viewfinder (the type provided in the 50's and 60's) was found! It has a 13 cm X 18 cm mask though. Maybe someday I'll find a 5x7 mask on Ebay.

Different Subject: 5x7 Technika History from III through V

Paul: You reference a "IV". I assume you are referring to a 5x7 Technika/Super Technika IV and hopefully you have one. I have a strong interest in Linhof from a historical aspect and have conducted a lot of research (as a hobbyist). Maybe you (or Bob and others) can help me verify something if you have a 5x7 Technika IV:

It appears that the 5x7 "III" ONLY have minor changes for the period of 1956-1963: Universal Back added; Tan instead of Black (typically); and Red Vertical Stripes on the front standard (similar to the 4x5 Technika IV). Other than that everything appears to remain identical to the prior model (pre 1956 "III"). Still no forward tilt. Same U shape pull bar in front of standard like the "III". I believe that is what is referred to as the IV model, yet Linhof literature never seems to reference a 5x7 models by Roman numerals until the V was introduced.

In 1963, the 5x7 Technika V was introduced. The "V" brought on several changes such as new front standard with ratchet lever, dual focusing knobs, body focusing knob and rear track (in lieu of using a wide angle focusing device as on earlier models) and different rangefinder cams. There were also other mechanical and cosmetic changes. This model basically remained unchanged through it's life ending in 1986/87.

Here is mystery that I think I've solved....the introduction photo of the 5x7 Super Technika V shows the camera with only one focusing knob and without "Linhof Technika" written on the focusing track. This photo was used in a lot of literature between 1963 and 1967. I have never seen a "V" with only one focusing knob (if anyone has and knows it is a V please let me know). I think it is a prototype camera and was used quite a bit in advertisements.

None of this much matters! However, there is not a Linhof site (like the Graflex site) for history buffs (or nuts) like me to write in with this type of information. Anyone who can add to this info would be of great help! It should be noted that I have the latest "Linhof Camera Story" and it doesn't reference the 5x7 Technika from '56 thorough '63 (nor does the 5x7 section of this site!).

I am currently working with Rick Nordin on his next addition of "Hasselblad System Compendium". This small picky stuff is in my blood!

Thanks for your help and looking forward to some good information!

Bob Salomon
21-Sep-2005, 15:07

Glad marflex could help.

In regards to Linhof and photos.

They do not reshoot cameras to update brochures and literature when minor changes occur. For instance the sliding latches that hold the back on to the body were changed to non-sliding ones several years ago as rhe only accessories that could be interchanged were the Aerial Roll Backs and the focal plane shutter. Both of which have been out of production for several years. Yet the instruction book still shows the slide latches.

Other changes include knob and strap placements and shapes, the front block for the old cable release that mounted to the bed and lenses on the camera. Also the trim on the MultiFocus finder.

The only authoratative source is the latest edition of the Linhof Camera Story with the M679 on the cover.

J. P. Mose
21-Sep-2005, 16:22