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14-Sep-2018, 06:50

I want to use glyoxal for sizing my reception paper for carbon transfers. I use a 5% gelatin for sizing, I have read several posts and if I understand :

Outdoor use only
Make a 10% solution of 40% glyoxal commercial glyoxal at 1:9. I.E. : 10ml of 40% glyoxal and 90ml distilled water.
Use for 100ml of 5% gelatin solution 5ml of this 10% glyoxal solution.
Hardening in 4-8 hours but wait 24h minimum to evacuate fumes
I read in the book of alternative photographics process third edition :
15ml of 40% Glyoxal in 250ml of 2,6% gelatin
15ml of 40% Glyoxal in 1000ml distilled water (immersion option)

There is a big difference in concentration between sources

What is the best option for you ?

And if you have different use share please

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Drew Wiley
14-Sep-2018, 10:31
Can't answer that specific; but remember that glyoxal has a limited shelf life and will lose some potency within a year or so.

Peter De Smidt
14-Sep-2018, 13:22
Maybe ask on Sandy King’s carbon group.