View Full Version : E Suter Basel Stellar 450 mm f5,any good?

12-Sep-2018, 13:57
I just bought this lens from famous auction website.

E Suter Basel Stellar 450 mm f5

after I took out the glass, seems it is a six glass two group, dagor type lens.
any one has experience with it? it would be really good to share a sample image.



Steven Tribe
13-Sep-2018, 11:12
The Stella is a very fast aplanat design - similar to the series III and IV Voigtlander Portrait Euryscopes.
If you look at


you will see that the Stella is a rebadged 20th version of an another aplanat made in the 19th C.

13-Sep-2018, 13:46
thanks Steven
The glass in this Stella is very thick, and I can see there are three piece of glass glued together in each group, more photos are attached


14-Sep-2018, 06:35
Might want to add your serial number to the serial number thread. Nice catch!

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19-Sep-2018, 12:34
I own two suter "STELLA". One has a focal length of 29 cm, the second of 36 cm.

Here is an example of a portrait with the 36 cm focal length:


Best regards, stephan