View Full Version : Grafloc back??

Kevin Williams
8-Dec-1999, 18:40
I am very new to LF cameras. I just recently purchased a Graphic View 4x5 camera ..how do I know if my camera has a graphloc back? I know this may be a stupid qu estion, but I have no clue about these backs. Any help is very appreciated.. Th anks, Kevin

Bob Salomon
8-Dec-1999, 19:07
If you can remove the ground glass without using any tools and have 2 slide locks at the side of the film holder area you have a Graflock or International back.

If you don't then you need slip-in film holders for roll film.

8-Dec-1999, 23:38
There are two pictures of grafloc back in Q&A of www.graflex.org