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Michael Ting
18-Sep-2005, 22:53
How much 4x5 film can you develop with these kits? I believe it says 5L single use. And does
single use mean you have to use all of it at once?


tor kviljo
19-Sep-2005, 03:10
I have not used the Kodak kits in a long time - being slow 6-bath kits (at least when I used the Kodak hobby-pack - E6 kits) compared to tetenal & Jobo 3-bath kits. However, I belive they had about the sama capasity pr. litre as the Tetenal kits - being able to do 60 rolls 35mm/36 exp or 120 films pr. 5 litre set. However, You need good tank system (Jobo among the better) to be able to utilize this capacity at one-shot developement. But You can also re-use the chemistry (prolonger first developer time) to reach max. capasity. I have used Tetenal 3-bath mostly, now using the Jobo sets, being very satisfied with the results from these ones. I know, however, that some users advocate the benefit of better dev. control in a 6-bath process

Neal Wydra
19-Sep-2005, 06:09
Dear Michael,

Here is a link to the data sheet:


It has instructions for mixing up less than the full 5L.

Ted Harris
19-Sep-2005, 07:25
I use the Kodak E6 5L kits most of the time. I prefer to buy the single chemicals but the kits have been more readily available to me without resorting to shipping. I have a small chemical measuring beaker tht is marked off in the correct amounts for small batches (believe I got it from Jobo many years ago). I most commonly use Jobo 3006 tanks and sometimes the 3010. I use 500ML loads just to be on the safe side although Jobo says 450ML is sufficient for a full 3006 tank. So figure 10 batches times 6 sheets per tank or 60 sheets of 5x7. If you are using the 3010 tank I believe the chemical maximums are the same and you could up that to 100 sheets of 4x5. Just for comparison's sake your lab costs to process 4x5 runs ~ $2.00 per sheet and for 5x7 (if you can find a lab that will do 5x7 ... most don'thave the hangers) $3.00 per sheet .... so you have a substantial savings either way.

BTW I prefer the Tetnal 6 bath chemistry but with the current dollar exchange rate it costs way more than Kodak chemistry. I do not recommend the three bath systems or reusing/replenishing chemistry unless you are doing a lot of processing in a short period of time.