View Full Version : Proper Shutter for Caltar II-N 75mm Lens

Dan V
18-Sep-2005, 21:45
I bought a nice Caltar lens via that auction site. The front element of the lens lists the largest aperture as 4.5 but the Copal 0 shutter scale shows a max of 5.6 so the shutter must not be original to this lens.

In the interest of accuracy, shouldn't I replace the shutter with whatever is the "proper" one? And should both the proper shutter and lens be adjusted/calibrated after being fitted together?

BTW, anyone have a 67mm center filter to part with?

Thank you.

Vijay Iyer
18-Sep-2005, 22:28
Copal 0 shutters are interchangeable - it is only the f/stop scale which differs between lenses. That scale is replaceable - you can get one from S.K Grimes (http://www.skgrimes.com/). So the quick answer is no, you don't have to adjust anything, assuming the shutter itself is accurate.

Dan V
20-Sep-2005, 06:25
Thanks for your help, Vijay.