View Full Version : Is there a good one-shot fine -grain developer for FP4?

Yaakov Asher Sinclair
7-Oct-1999, 17:23
Is there a good one-shot fine-grain developer for FP4? I've been using Rodinal but find it a bit too grainy. As I don't do a lot of wo rk, a diluted developer sitting around will end up down the drain. Thanks in advance Yaakov Asher Sinclair

mike rosenlof
8-Oct-1999, 00:38
Ilfosol-S works very nicely with this film. It's my usual, but usually with HP5 .

Microphen is very nice also.

I print on a diffusion enlarger and usually find I have to develop about 15% longer than Ilford recomends. (Relatively soft lighting situations)

pat j. krentz
8-Oct-1999, 01:30
PMK is very good, and the concentrate will keep for over a year. Pat

Bill Jefferson
8-Oct-1999, 07:08
I use JOBO's one shot chemestry for all i do 4x5, 2 1/4x3 1/4 120 roll film, att typs, prints, negs, cromes

3-May-2000, 15:47
This is a bit late, but try Ilfospeed diluted at 1-100 for approx 12 minutes or at 1-60 for 8 or so, you may prefer to add a couple of minutes to these times if you prefer.