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Gordon Lucas
27-Aug-2018, 14:49
Another one of my shots with Kodak 2475 Recording Film, this time with my preferred camera for such stuff, the Olympus Pen F crowd. It's always seemed a bit of an anomoly to me to try to emulate larger formats with such equipment, so I don't bother. A half-frame shot taken on Pan F developed in Microphen or other fine grain formula of that ilk can better and more easily be taken with say, a Pentax 645. So I go another direction. Again, just having fun.

Olympus Pen F, 35mm f2.8 Zeiss Flecktogon (via adapter), Kodak 2475 Recording Film, 8 minutes in Rodinal 1:32, scanned print. Only spotting and a curves adjustment to increase contrast was used. The film was 28 years old, stored at room temperature!! The last 30 feet or so of the bulk roll are now ensconced in a deep freeze. This is the lumber mill in Vanderhoof, BC.

I have a good print of this picture on grade 4 Ilfobrom paper. Recording film was always muddy.


Peter De Smidt
27-Aug-2018, 15:30
The grain works well with the image.