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Gordon Lucas
27-Aug-2018, 14:36
The very opposite of what we try to accomplish in Large Format. I enjoy experimenting with coarse grain and small negatives. A foil to the LF cult.

Some palettes outside of a now gone lumber kiln in Prince George, BC. where I live. Taken with a camera from my collection, and Exa 1a, with a 40mm Macro Kilfitt lens.

I used some of my remnant stock of Kodak 2475 Recording film, exposed at 800, 1/150th at f11, developed in Rodinal. Thanks for checking this out.


27-Aug-2018, 15:12
Sometimes we get too obsessed with "image quality" rather than considering the quality of the image. This is one reason I mostly use 100+ year old lenses.:)

Kent in SD

28-Aug-2018, 07:47
2475 Recording film! Yeah, back in the daily news business I used it. Developed in HC-110.


Shot in large farm kitchen under one 60W bulb high in the ceiling.
(The boy is turning 50 years-old soon.)

Gordon Lucas
28-Aug-2018, 19:44
beautiful shot!