View Full Version : Roll film holder for Arca-Swiss 6x9?

Scott Atkinson
17-Sep-2005, 19:39
I'm looking for a new 6x7 (or 6x8) 220 roll film holder for my Arca-Swiss 6x9. I've been using a Horseman 6x9 holder with the Arca adapter, which works fine, but I'm not especially fond of the long, skinny 6x9 format. I also find the little film-release button annoying. I gather that Horseman no longer makes 220 backs, guess I could find one used, or go 120, though I hate changing film all the time.

But I know there are other Arca 6x9 users out there, so here's my question: has anyone else been through this process and is anyone liking anything else these days-- like a Mamiya 6x7 back or even the 6x8 motor-driven model? Or something else I'm not aware of? If so, how are film registration and flatness? Ease of use? Thanks!

Sam Crater
17-Sep-2005, 21:14
B & H (New York) still offers Horseman 220 backs. They're a bit rare on the used market.

18-Sep-2005, 06:11
Hello: The Mamiya 6x7 fits well with my AC 6x9 FC - a 645 mask often comes with it, if you want more exposures per roll. Image viewing is squinty though.

Emmanuel BIGLER
19-Sep-2005, 12:20
Scott. I have tested that the motor-driven 6x8 Mamiya back perfectly fits the Arca Swiss 6x9, no surprise since it is a baby-graflock mount.
You have to check whether this back is actually offered in 220 and not only 120.
The 6x8cm format has several advantages ; it is similar in aspect ratio to the A4 European paper format (OK, this is irrelevant in Northern America ;-) and 9 frames per roll are interesting if you intend to bracket your shots, - 0 +, this makes 3 frames per image and 3 complete images per roll.

I regret that (apparently) no manually-driven 6x8 backs exists in baby graflock standard.