View Full Version : Slavich Photo Paper Buyers Group

Doremus Scudder
21-Aug-2018, 11:04
Slavich photo papers are preferred by many for lith printing. Plus, there are those of us who like the graded papers for normal printing. I, for one, really like the Unibrom 160 glossy paper.

Slavich no longer has a U.S. distributor, but Mark Larsen has kindly agreed to head a buyers group and place orders (likely quarterly) directly with the manufacturer on their behalf. Basically, he'll be collecting orders from the group till he has a large enough order and then functioning as an importer. He has asked me to post here, since he's not a member of the forum.

If any here are interested in participating in the Slavich buyers group, you can contact Mark directly at the e-mail address below for information and a product list.


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