View Full Version : Sample shots of Nikkor-W 360mm?

17-Sep-2005, 08:41
Someone has offered me this lens in mint condition for $200, and I would love to see any sample shots made with it. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of user feedback about this lens on the net and even fewer sample shots.


George Stewart
17-Sep-2005, 11:17
This lens is close to $1500 new. $200 is an outstanding price even if it's just used as a paper-weight.

Donald Hutton
17-Sep-2005, 12:48
Big paperweight - you'd better have a strong desk.

Ted Harris
17-Sep-2005, 13:44
Big lens is an understatement! I own a 300mm Symmar S MC and it is not just big it is huge and heavy, the Nikkor W 300 will be very similar in size and weight since they are the same design. While it will fit on either my Canham 5x7 or my Walker 4x5 there is the issue of the standard staying locked down when using anythig more that minor movements not to mentionthe question of stability with the bellows racked out and the lens' additional nearly 3 pounds of weight on the front ... yes 3 pounds. It's a great lens for the studio but no tsomething to lug around in the field. As far as the price goes it is onloy a screaming bargain if it is properly mounted in a modern #3 shutter that is in working order. It is still a good price in a barrel or in an older shutter but not necessarily a screaming bargain and if you do not own a shutter and have to buy one new for the lens figure on spending another $450.

tor kviljo
18-Sep-2005, 03:59
This is a fantastic lens!!! I owned one a few years and did my best 8x10 chromes with that one. Increadibly sharp & large enough aperture to give a lovely good picture on GG and possibilities for very precise adjustments of plane of sharpness prior to stepping down. The price of $$ 200 is in sane!!!! If the shutter is working OK, it's worth at least $$ 300 on its own.... I miss the lens a lot, but have bought a older but cheaper Sironar 360 to replace it, I expect to loose some of the high contrast & fidelity of the Nikkor, Howewer. The lens is big, but I beliwe You will use it on a 8x10? - then it most likely will be 3 pounds of a total of 30, and no reason to let it stay put home!

18-Sep-2005, 09:05
Thanks for the comments. It is indeed in a Copal 3 shutter, mint and all shutter speeds accurate. I will probably pick itup. I was just hoping to see some sample shots done with it. It's pretty amazing and maybe I am just not so good at googling, but I couldn't find any photos made with this lens on the net.