View Full Version : Grafmatic, roll film backs work on a Toho FC-45X?

Jerry Thirsty
17-Sep-2005, 07:23
Hi all,

I am considering replacing my Graphic View II with a Toho FC-45X, and had a couple of questions. I read elsewhere that the Toho spring back can open quite far, so I shouldn't have any problems using my Grafmatics, right? But what about a roll fim back? From the one rear view I found of the Toho, it doesn't appear to have a Graflock back; does it? Does the back open so far that you can just slide a whole Horseman or Wista roll film back inside? I see that the Toyo-View and Cambo backs can be slid in in place of a sheet holder, but I was thinking of getting the Horseman 6x12.


Oren Grad
18-Sep-2005, 09:29
Jerry -

It's more complicated than whether the back opens wide enough. Even if you could squeeze in the holder, there's a fair chance the roll film housing on a Horseman holder will strike the inside surface of the ground glass and damage it. Wista roll holders have the same general shape as Horseman holders, but the company makes special versions intended for slide-in use on a 4x5 camera, with extra "butterfly wings" added to the film housing to keep the glass out of harm's way. They don't make a 6x12 holder, though. The Cambo/Calumet, Toyo (6x7 and 6x9 only), Sinar and Linhof Rapid Rollex (6x7 only) holders are expressly designed for slide-in use and have a flatter top surface that won't strike the glass.