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16-Sep-2005, 21:28
:) I don't really expect a response, but imagine the conundrom Googling for "pecks" "rapid rectilinear" for information. All I find are references to "pecks" in the lens surface. I'll be rethinking my own product line; "Scratch's Lenses" won't do.

(It's a 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 format lens)

Richard Rankin
16-Sep-2005, 21:40
Are you sure it isn't a Beck Rapid Rectilinear? I think you'll have better luck with that one. I actually have one myself. A lot of that old printing is hard for some of us.


16-Sep-2005, 21:48
Hello, Richard. Nope, it really is a Pecks. The type is very clear.

Richard Rankin
16-Sep-2005, 22:22
Well, there's no Pecks in the Vade Mecum, so it is probably just a proprietary labelling of another lens by a major manufacturer.


17-Sep-2005, 09:04
True, Richard, and I respond only to affirm the fact. So many old lenses are rebrands. The type-face (font) of the 'PECKS' is completely different from "Rapid Rectilinear" and the later is placed so that the lens was clearly made to be rebranded. I am putting into the Must Sell box.

Dan Fromm
17-Sep-2005, 11:12
John, how many pseudonyms do you use here? And are you taking your meds?

On topic, Channing & Dunn don't mention Peck or Peck's in British Camera Makers. Could be a US dealer.

Also on topic, is the lens any good? If so, why sell it? I didn't know you were a name-brand equipment snob.

17-Sep-2005, 13:42
Fromm, I take offense to your second comment. What are you really saying, if anything? Just typing for effect? It is in poor taste, at best!

Then you 'ask' why I want to sell it so that you create a cheap setup for your accusation of me being a equipment snob.

I want to sell it, you butthead, because I don't need it!

Dan Fromm
17-Sep-2005, 14:45
Well, Stafford, since you asked ...

You post a lot here, on APUG, and on Usenet. Many of your posts are helpful, insightful, informative; in a word, good. But every so often you display anger inappropriately, become personally abusive, or worse.

So it seems not too unreasonable to wonder about the state of your health and why, in particular, you're not always in good control of yourself. I wish you well, would rather see more of the good John Stafford and less of the bad.

Why use so many screen names in one thread? Especially since you're not pretending to have a conversation with yourself.

17-Sep-2005, 15:35
Fromm, the thread has my name in the root. Go look. See? I was using the nicknames because they contrasted, I hoped, in a lighthearted way with the content.

As to the rest, Dan, I have no idea why you take it upon yourself in introduce things outside the interest of the topic at hand, in fact, completely irrelevant to photography, and close to slanderous. Now I am not going to reply again. Just carry on if you like; as is said, "talk amoung yourself".

Alan Peck
17-Sep-2005, 23:26

Do you mean to tell me I could potentially own a lens with my name on it? And I'm not even Swedish, Japanese or German like all my other lenses. Please email me and tell me more about this Peck lens (alanpeck@msn.com).

18-Sep-2005, 07:22
Alan Peck Do you mean to tell me I could potentially own a lens with my name on it?

Indeed, yes, and lucky you! My only claim to the same brings me no joy - knowing that there are millions of men running around with my name in their underwear. (Too obscure? JC Penny's line is 'Stafford')

I'll write you privately now.