View Full Version : Fujinon 105mm / F5.6 CM-W - question

Joseph O'Neil
16-Sep-2005, 15:19
Hi everyone;

I currently have two 90mm lenses. My big 90mm Komura I use on my monorail for any and all archeitechual (sp?). The circle on it actually covers 5x7 with movements, so I am pretty happy with it.

For backpacking, on my old Super Speed Graphic, i use a Lindholf Angulon, 90mm. Great little lens. The only complaint I have, is on my camera, the point of focus is right against the body of the camera, so I have little to no room for movement.

When hiking, 90% of my shots are either on a 135mm or a 180mm (both Sironars). 99% HP5+ or Tri-X. Sometimes I want something a bit wider than the 135mm, but a bit more movement than my 90mm Angulon.

The Fujinon 105mm CM-W specs looks like it would work for me. Like I siad, for buildings, I have another 90mm already, I want something smallish, and it doesn't have be as wide a 90mm.

Anybody out there ever use this lens? Anythoughts? Or anything else somebody might reccomend in this size/range to replace my Angulon?

Henry Friedman
16-Sep-2005, 19:18
Do you really need to be packing two lenses that are so close? You won't have all that much room for movement with the 105mm CM-W before you run out of image circle anyway, and I imagine that the look of the lens isn't all that different than your 90.

That being said, I use a 135mm CM-W which I like a lot. It is very sharp and has excellent coatings.

Eric Wagner
16-Sep-2005, 21:39
I replaced the 90mm Angulon in my hiking kit with a 100mm WF Ektar and am very pleased with it.