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15-Aug-2018, 04:03
I bought a Wollensack 16Ē lens for my Korona 8x10 View. Itís in an Alphax synchro shutter. My measurements suggest itís rear diameter is roughly 5.25 cm- making it seem to me like itís appropriate for Compur 2. Does that seem right?. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180815/c8c3f7c55f17860484349928a6db463a.jpg

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Mark Sampson
15-Aug-2018, 11:56
Are you considering re-mounting your lens in the Compur shutter?

15-Aug-2018, 13:55
No, I was trying to figure out what size hole I needed in a Korona View Lens Board.

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Mark Sampson
15-Aug-2018, 16:12
Hmm. If you have a flange with screw holes in it, then the hole you need to drill will be to fit the lip on the back of the flange (which will then be screwed into the front of the board. If it's a retaining ring, then the measurement of the threads on the back of the shutter will give your answer.
Wollensak designed and built both the lens and shutter, so went their own way. There wasn't necessarily any commonality of dimensions between different makers in those days. Kind of like bicycles BITD; English, French, and Italian makers all used (different) national standards. We're lucky now, in that most modern (post-1970) lenses were designed to fit standard Copal/Compur shutters.

15-Aug-2018, 16:30
Remove lens from Technika lensboard.
Measure diameter of hole in Technika lensboard.

- Leigh

15-Aug-2018, 21:00
You’ll need a 54mm diameter lens board hole for this Alphax 3 flange. I found that the Compur 2 sized lens board is just slightly too small for the Alphax 3.

16-Aug-2018, 17:05
Thank you!!!!!!

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