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8-Aug-2018, 13:47
Hi all,

I will be in Portland, Oregon, visiting my sister and her husband and kids in a couple of weeks and thought that I would take a day trip down to photograph the Rector Ridge Spruce. I read about this tree in the book FOREST GIANTS OF THE PACIFIC COAST by Robert Van Pelt, page 66. Unfortunately, Van Pelt did not provide clear directions on how to access the tree. He just said the tree is on a ridge overlooking Gods Valley. I can figure out how to get to Gods Valley and Rector Ridge (HWY 26 West out of Portland, then left|south on HWY 53, then left|East on North Fork Road) but not the last stretch to the actual tree. So can anybody here provide me with directions? PM is fine.

Thanks in advance,

8-Aug-2018, 14:03
The location of these trees is commonly kept somewhat secret. If you can't find anything on the Internet or in other sources about it you may have to try reaching out to some local landmark tree organizations or clubs to see if anyone can provide you the location.

9-Aug-2018, 19:15
Thanks for your suggestion; I will give that a shot.