View Full Version : wollensak 330mm triple convertable lens

Phillip Canada
15-Sep-2005, 12:45
I recently purchased a Burke & James large format camera 8x10. Included was a wollensak 330mm triple convertable lens. I know nothing about this lens and wondered if some one could tell me if I need more than the one adapter screwed into the back of this lens,marked 20"F, to obtain all three focal lenghts? I would like to sell, does this lens have any dollar value?

Thanks Phil

Nick Morris
15-Sep-2005, 14:02
I am assuming this is a Series 1A Wollensak Triple convertible, and if it is it can be either a Velostigmat, typically uncoated, or a newer Raptar, typically coated. I have examples of both, and in both cases, these are, as prime lenses and in my opinon, excellent lenses. When using the single elements, particularly with the older Velostigmat versions the results can be a little soft. This can be from focus shift when stopping down that occurs with the single elements.

If you have only the one element as is inferred, then the lens is incomplete. A complete lens would have a 25" front element, and when combined with the rear 20' element, you have a 13" -330mm lens. I would think that the single element would have little value. The complete lens in shutter, depending on condition, as well as conditions in the market, can bring in excess of $600.

Jim Rhoades
15-Sep-2005, 14:10
The Wollensak triple has two lens sections. It sounds like you only have the rear. Front 25", rear 20" combined, 13". It's a fine and underated lens for 8x10. Some are coated, they would have a w inside a circle on the front element. With just the 19" element it's not worth too much. If you use it as a 19" keep it on the rear and use a #8, 15 or 25 filter. BTW it should look like it takes a 62mm filter. It does not.

Brian Ellis
15-Sep-2005, 19:09
I used the Wollensak 330 triple convertible for several years. As a 330 lens it was excellent, in either of the two longer formats it was mediocre though using a yellow or orange filter helped. I just held the filter in front of the shutter when using the rear cell alone, you don't need to be able to screw the filter in to use one. I don't think a single lens cell would have any value though the shutter alone might be worth something. If you don't want it put it up on ebay and see what happens, people buy some pretty strange things on ebay.