View Full Version : Schneider 38mm XL

Donald Hutton
15-Sep-2005, 08:22
Just a heads up - Badger Graphic has a screaming deal on a second hand 38mm XL and center filter...

15-Sep-2005, 08:32
Why do they (Schneider and the rest) consider that an LF lens? It won't cover 4x5.

George Stewart
15-Sep-2005, 09:26
According to a Schneider Rep. I talked with, the 38 XL will cover 4x5!

Eduardo Aigner
15-Sep-2005, 17:13
These days even 35mm are almost LARGE format!

Doug Meek
20-Sep-2005, 11:05
I just spent 6 days with Tom Till in Utah. He regularly uses his 38mm Schneider for 4x5. Most of his shots are done at f/32 - 45, and the results are stunning.

Doug Meek
22-Sep-2005, 12:52

I thought the same thing as you. When Tom told me he was using a 38mm Schneider XL for 4x5, I told him that he must mean the 58mm lens. He assured me that is was definitely 38mm - he uses both 38 and 58. We spent 6 days shooting together, and he was quite proud of the fact that he was able to use the 38mm. The reason that I mentioned the apertures that he shoots at is because that probably explains how he is able to make it work. By the way, the list of equipment on his website in not current. It's a few years old.