View Full Version : Schneider Xenar 150mm f/5.6 vs. Rodenstock Geronar 150mm f/6.3?

3-Aug-2018, 13:37
Hi All,

I am looking to get back into LF photography after a long (~10 year) break and have a lens question. My Toyo 45CF came with the Rodenstock Geronar 150mm f/6.3 lens and I remember it being ok but not stellar. I'm thinking about getting the Schneider Xenar 150mm f/5.6 as an "upgrade" but am wondering if it would truly be a step up or more of a lateral step. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks in advance!

Drew Wiley
3-Aug-2018, 14:06
Sometimes lenses earned a cult status long ago which are quite anachronistic in the present, given the fact that quite a few modern options now exist in that focal length which might be even better, as well as cheaper on the used market. The Geronar itself was marketed as a "student grade" lens. And while a Xenar might be a modest upgrade, you might opt for something with a larger image circle for sake of more generous movements. Nearly all 150's tend to be a bargain at the
moment, so it's hard to go wrong. But something of plasmat construction rather than tessar will give you a lot more wiggle
room while still being quite compact in this focal length.

Dan Fromm
3-Aug-2018, 19:14
Rodenstock claims that the 150/6.3 Geronar covers 60 degrees. Schneider says that the 150/5.6 Xenar covers 60 degrees. No gain.

To find out how much 150 mm lenses made by, in alphabetical order, Fujinon, Nikon, Schneider and Rodenstock cover, consult the manufacturers' catalogs. There's a link to a list of links to them in the first post in http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?138978-Where-to-look-for-information-on-LF-(mainly)-lenses

Then go looking for lenses offered on eBay, paying attention to condition and price including shipping. I think you'll find the various 150/5.6 Fujinons are the best buys.